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Teen RapBeh Video Scandal Leaked, Gone Viral

RapBeh scandal video became viral and trending online on November 12, 2016 after it was leaked and uploaded. The girl in RapBeh scandal known as Claire Marielle Miralo and her video with her bf leaked which garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Netizens searched for #rapbeh scandal online but the video was deleted. Some users managed to download the video and uploaded it again. It has a part 1, part 2 and 3.

From facebook updates, an article said that Claire Miralo alsklo known as RapBeh committed suicide after she found out her video gone viral.


  1. I just watched the video in youtube. It's not that interesting after all. But the girl apparently not dead. It was just reported that she committed suicide. Yet actually that's just to stop the spread the video. It must be stopped.


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